HydroTurf™ is an engineered revetment solution utilizing specialized synthetic turf, specifically designed to provide armoring of hydraulic structures against high velocity water while providing shear strength. HydroTurf™ is significantly less costly than typical methods. Construction of the system is rapid and low impact, reducing the carbon footprint. HydroTurf™ provides an impermeable geomembrane protected by Watershed Geosyntetic’s HydroBinder™ infill, a fiber reinforced high strength concrete matrix.

Typical applications for HydroTurf are:

  • Levees and embankments
  • Drainage swales and canals
  • Spillways, slopes, and berms
  • Reservoirs and impoudments
  • Facing slopes and mechanically stabilized earthwalls
  • Golf course cart paths, drain channels, and lake banks

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